Revell 1/72 Brewster Buffalo F2A

This is the review of the Revell Brewster Buffalo F2A, a sixties designed model kit...

The Brewster Buffalo was one of the first American monoplanes with an arrestor hook, so that it could land on aircraft carriers. It was superior to the early designs of the F4F Wildcat, but was already obsolete when the 2nd world war started. 

It was too heavy with an underpowered engine, no match against the Japanese Zero. However, the Finish did managed to use it successfully against Soviet fighters. They did solve some problems of reliability, and the cooler weather was favourable for the over heating engine. It was a little "chubby", with a large frontal area due to the radial engine, not as elegant as the Fock-Wulf 190, which also had a radial engine. 

About the model kit: this is Revell old F2A2 Buffalo Brewster in 1/72. It is an old model, but actually nice! Very straight forward construction. Personally, I don't like to put pilots on my airplanes, but its not a bad figure. 

The only thing really missing is the instrument panel. For me, it’s the biggest fault, as we can see the empty inside of it If not scratch built. 

The landing gear wells could be largely improved, as well as its inside. with some reference pics this can make this little airplane a show stopper. I did not went that far… 

Another big defect is on the seam on the lower part of the wings. you'll need to use putty, but to sand it will make you loose some of the rivets… The only true hard step on the building…

Even if the details are raised, they are nice. They give it the old bulky riveted look.
However, that makes it very hard to sand the parts without loosing the details… Removing a simple seam can become a nightmare! 

Despite its age, the decals are ok, easy to install, just need a little of Revell own softening decals solution. The models do include 2 versions: the flashy american yellow wings, or the successful camouflaged Finnish. 

As a final remark t is a fine looking old model. Although not perfect, it can become a very cute airplane with low effort. Not that good as a first, but its building can be enjoyed by almost everyone.

P.S. Video review in here.

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