Revell 1/144 Airbus A321 TAP

And I've bough this! The big brother of the A320!
Airbus as the unification of several European companies, in the seventies, to get started in the wide body segment as a direct competition against the aging trijets... It was just a matter of time until they've expanded to the narrow body segment. The A320 was just the first, and then was "chopped" to become the A318-A319, and enlarged to become the A321. There are some differences between the A321 and the A320 on the wing flaps, but the cockpit has the same feel as all the others in this family. The pilot rating was the same. It ended up competing against 757-200 and 737-800 and gained its place on the marked. Small, but nice and stable.
My plan was to home print the decals and make a TAP A321.
If you assemble the A319, A320 and A321 at the same time, it can be a little boring, as they fit nicelly and without major problems... It is not hard to build, with the typical quality of the Revell Airliners. Surface has recessed lines, and they are well placed. It does look like real, not toyish like the 747-400. Decals are good, even if I only used the ones for the details, like doors and pannels. On some models you may get both engine types, so you may choose to do the one on the box, or a custom you may wish.

The surface can be easyally get a mirrored and shiny look, and there is no big problem while building it. In fact, there isn't much to describe about the building process, as it goes smoothly
You do notice the extra length of the fuselage when compared with the wings, and it can be seen the double slotted flaps, which should exist on the A321, but not on the A320. 

The small antennas are present, and even if they are fragile, they can be handled with a tweezer.

Landing gear has the right amount of detail, and seems robust. The winglets on the engines seem to be thin enough.
Honestly, there isn't much more to say. Just get one and see for yourself! 

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